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Kinesiology & Manual Therapy

Movement is the foundation for optimal health and performance, so click below to get assessed and receive corrective exercise strategies. Come see our White Rock Kinesiology practitioner and book today.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has become the most important biomarker one can measure in regards to our health, and we now have the ability to help you monitor it. Learn more and how to get assessed at the link above.

Exercise Physiology

Heard of a VO2max or Lactate and Anaerobic Threshold testing? Click above to learn about our revolutionary assessment philosophy and let us show you how assessment SHOULD be done.


Physiological Testing

Physiological Testing will help to make your training more efficient and effective.  By determining the issues and fixing the problem, you will great improve the entire system and optimize performance. 

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The Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course covers the foundational science and practical application of Heart Rate Variability with a focus on data that is available to the general population. The course includes over three hours of video content in 16 easy-to-digest modules as well as cheat sheets, reference documents, and a Certificate of Completion.


Kinesiology & Manual Therapy

Through the application and implementation of exercise and manual therapy, we will get you back on the road to recovery with our White Rock Kinesiology practitioner. Whether you just sustained a major injury or want to know what your body’s limitations are, we provide extensive and thorough assessments to know exactly what you need.


Functional Movement Systems (FMS)

We use the Functional Movement Systems systematic approach to exercise prescription, rehabilitation and performance. Their system allows to know what type of movement patterns you own, and what area’s need to addressed further and corrected. Come get your FMS screen done by White Rock Kinesiology practitioner in South Surrey or downtown Vancouver.